Become the proud parent of a Lahore Zoo animal today! By adopting an animal

The administration of Lahore Zoo has introduced an adoption program, whereby, interested parties, be they members of the public, corporations or other organizations get to adopt the animal(s) of their choice. Prospective foster parents are expected to bear the cost of feeding expenses of the animal for that particular time period.

Take a share in the costs of Lahore Zoo’s massive animal food bill over Rs.23.000 Million and play a direct part in the Zoo’s welfare

What you Get

Alongwith a great feeling that doing something practical to aid in conservation at one of the best and oldest zoo of South Asia, you get:

  • Recognition certificate
  • Zoo Education Material
  • Free visit of Lahore Zoo during adoption period
  • Adopters name plates/message will be displayed at cage/enclosure.

Through this you can reach 4.5 Million annual visitors of Lahore Zoo.